Combine relaxing vacation with a powerful transformational experience that will change your life!

Have you ever dreamt about vacation at a serene tropical paradise with white-sandy beaches and crystal-clear water?

Have you thought of visiting sacred sites, ruins and temples with rich and exciting history?

Would you like to immerse in a shamanic atmosphere of Mayan Yucatan and reconnect to the wisdom of ancestors?

There is one place where you can do it all – Tulum, Mexico.

Tulum is a pearl of Mayan Riviera, its beautiful beaches and Mayan ruins are attracting visitors from all over the world, but there is something more about Tulum then just chilling at the beach and sightseeing.

In Mexico they call Tulum “pueblo magico”, a magical town, and it is the truth! The vibe of the place is perfect for healing, transformation and self-discovery, that’s why Tulum is one of the most popular destinations for meditation and yoga retreats.

Founded by Ancient Maya, Tulum still holds all their energies and sacred knowledge and you can reconnect to it with the help of a shaman or even on your own.

Our mission is to carry and share the wisdom of ancestors, that’s why we invite everyone who is interested in understanding the truth, the love, the infinite connection of all things to visit Tulum and surroundings and choose one (or few) of the activities we offer.

Warning: we don’t offer touristic activities.

There are plenty of retreats in Tulum, where you can meditate, do yoga, eat healthy and relax at the beach.

There are tons of tours in the Mexican Caribbean where they take you to some basic sights, like Chichen-Itza and briefly talk about history.

We want you to immerse deeply into the atmosphere of Mayan land.

Our tours are shamanic. Our retreats are transformational. Our events are inspirational.

Our focus is spiritual healing rather than just relaxation. Our purpose is love and harmony. 

We welcome you to take this transformational journey that will liberate your spirit and reveal your true infinite self.

With Love,

Tulum Spiritual Retreats Team