Divine Feminine energy is a base of our physical and spiritual existence.    The still darkness everything appears from and disappears to. The infinite power before the act of creation. Energy that is supporting and nourishing all living beings. 

    All people, regardless their gender, can be connected to divine feminine aspect, still women are holders of this universal energy. 

    If our body, mind and spirit are pure and aligned, we, women, are in the state of Goddess Consciousness which is connected to wisdom of heart, universal harmony and infinite love. 

    In this reality of a third dimension there are many blocks preventing us from experiencing Goddess Consciousness. Those are physical and psychological traumas, implemented programs (like guilt and shame), ancestral karmic baggage, attachment to past relationships and so on. All these programs, energies and traumas block the healthy expression of our femininity and prevent its divine blossom, so we need to clean them up. 


Healthy and balanced feminine aspect gives you:


-increased manifesting ability

-harmony in a relationship with people around

-harmonic and loving relationship with your partner

-ability to fully enjoy your sexuality

-intuition, intuitive vision 

-self-esteem - you feel active, attractive and confident


         Our program includes psycho-spiritual cleansing and transformational techniques as well as yoga, meditations, rituals and ancestral ceremonies, like Temazcal and plant medicine, that will help you to release everything that no longer serves your development and feel like a Goddess that you are. 

         You will heal your feminine ancestral line and traumas experienced by women in your generation, even those you can't physically remember, using Reference Point Therapy - a powerful healing technique that works with  genetic memory and heals consequences of traumas on 3 different levels: mental, emotional and physical. 

         You will cleanse your body and aura from the energies of past sexual partners and practice some emotional healing techniques that will help you to let go of the attachment to past relationships. 

         You'll have a chance to work out your personal traumas without a need to talk about the situation they occurred if it's too painful. 

         We are going to do group meditations, ho'oponopono healing and some ancestral rituals that will help you to become centered, to connect your conscious and subconscious mind and bring them to alignment and to live from your heart, to be who you really are. 

         At the end of the retreat you'll do a Temazcal ceremony, which is a powerful cleansing on physical, mental and spiritual level, a ritual of re-connection to Mother Earth and your feminine aspect. You'll also have a chance to do a plant medicine ceremony with a local medicine woman (shaman).


Day 1

3:00PM - Arrival, Introduction

4:00PM - Tea/Coffee break

4:30PM - Psycho-spiritual work: healing your feminine ancestral line

7:00PM - Dinner

8:00PM - Yoga

9:00PM - Satsang by the fire

This day is dedicated to healing of your background, we'll work with ancestral traumas, epigenetic patterns and other inherited energies, at the end of the day you'll feel lighter and free from things that might make you feel like your life is pre-determined.


Day 2

7:00AM - Yoga

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - Tour to Mayan Ruins of Tulum

1:00PM - Lunch

2:00PM - Psycho-spiritual work: healing past relationships

4:00PM - Tea/coffee break

4:30PM - Psycho-spiritual work: cleansing the aura from energies of past sexual partners

7:00PM - Dinner

8:00PM - Yoga

9:00PM - Utero healing ritual

Day 3

7:00AM - Yoga

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - Tour to cenotes and underground river followed by a Temazcal ceremony. Lunch at a cenote park, Mayan rituals.

6:00PM - Yoga

7:00PM - Dinner

8:00PM - Meditation


Day 4

7:00 AM - Yoga

8:00AM - Breakfast

9:00AM - Manifestation session

10:00AM - Gratitude ceremony, extatic dance

12:00PM - Departure


The Venue

Our retreat is going to take place at the eco-complex Cavelands in Chemuyil, just 15 min away from Tulum and it's beautiful beaches. The place has one private and two public cenotes, cave for meditations and a virgin jungle around, still you will have all the necessary for a comfortable stay. 



November 14 - 18, 2019

The cost

$888 - individual cabaña 

$759 - shared cabaña 

$629 - camping (tent)

Accomodation, all meals and all retreat activities included. 

Airport transfer can be arranged upon request. 

Reserve your spot with $229 only!


Secure payments via PayPal. After you complete your reservation our team will get in touch with you within 24h. 

If you encounter any problems please contact us