Transformation Retreat

 7 days to change your life 

              If you ask any human being on Earth “What do you want the most?” the answer would be “Happiness”. Everybody wants to be happy, no matter what the components of happiness are. Consciously we always aim to the state of peace and balance, still we encounter many obstacles, struggles, traumatic and painful experiences in our lives. We can’t get what we want no matter how hard we try. Or we get what we want, and feel disappointed shortly after because it doesn’t feel as good as we’ve imagined it would.

             Many people think they need to change something in their lives in order to be happy. Many people think they need to change themselves. Others try to learn something important or master a particular skill and that will bring them happiness. And when they do change, learn, improve their skills the reality changes. But only a little bit. From the outside it looks good, but the state within is the same – frustration. Happiness is not there. Peace and balance is not there. Because what we pursue is not happiness, rather an illusion of what it should look like.

The real happiness, the state of peace and balance is within. All the qualities we aim for, such as freedom, strength, love – they are within. These are initial qualities of our essence.


           What keeps us separate from essence is data. The term “data” is used for everything that is covering your initial perfection – negative energies, psychological structures, subconscious blocks and consequences of traumas, energetic influences, personal and ancestral karma and so on.

The data is stored in our conscious and subconscious mind, in our physical body, our DNA and our aura, that’s why cleaning process has to be complex. In our daily life it’s hard to pay attention to every aspect of our being, as we need to work with too many specialists and attend too many classes, workshops and therapy sessions. In fact we focus on healing one aspect at a time and forget about others, that’s why we never achieve balance, which is a state of a full alignment. 


           Imagine what would your life feel like if you purify your aura, your body, your subconscious and conscious mind and bring them all into alignment?


           Imagine you can do it within a week! 


           No, you won’t achieve enlightenment in a week (or you will, who knows?).


           Still you can achieve purity, inner peace and empowerment by cleaning the layers of data that are covering your initial perfection, your inner divinity.


           We want to offer you one of a kind opportunity to transform yourself and redesign your destiny.


           You won’t find any other retreat or workshop which is as complex as total transformation retreat.


            We help you to work out your issues on 3 different levels: physical, mental and spiritual, that’s why we’ve created a special program which is a synthesis of transpersonal psychology, energy healing, meditations, karma correction sessions, bioenergetics body healing sessions and shamanic ceremonies.



You are going work out your fears and limiting beliefs, which are just symptoms of major underlying issues. You will be able to see and transform destructive behavior patterns that originate from traumas. You’ll clean all the subconscious programming, you got from media, society, parents, etc. You will be able to trace your problems all the way to their origin and extract the letter one. You’ll also release blockages stored in your body during bioenergetics body healing sessions. With the help of healers and shamans you’ll clean any energetic structures, programs and forms that are causing obstacles in your life (i.e. “black magic”, “curses”, “entities”).

         Apart from the cleaning, we’ll do Akashic records reading, you will have a chance to develop intuitive vision, connect to your spirit guides and ask them for help and guidance.

         You will learn the way to manifest your goals on 3 different levels, which makes manifestation process much more powerful.

Our team of therapists and healers will take you through powerful transformational experience that will help you to reconnect to your true nature, release everything that blocks your path and become a creator of your own life, a director of your own movie.

                                                    WHO SHOULD ATTEND:

  • People who follow the path of spiritual development but feel lost or stuck at the certain point;

  • People who tend to be successful, but encounter too many obstacles on the way and feel powerless sometimes;

  • People who are already successful, but want to improve their performance and become more empowered;

  • People who are trying to recover after major dramatic events in their lives;

  • People who want to find out what their purpose is;

  • People going through middle-age crisis or existential crisis;

  • Everybody who needs more clarity and balance in their lives.

                                                       WHAT IS INCLUDED:

  • Daily psycho-spiritual healing work that will help you to reprogram your mind, work out issues in the main spheres of life, like health, family, relationships, social interaction, career, success, feelings and connections, self-esteem and self-expression, spiritual development;

  • Daily group meditations;

  • Energy healing sessions;

  • Karmic correction sessions;

  • Bioenergetic body healing;

  • Akashic records reading;

  • Manifestation of your goals;

  • Ancestral medicine ceremonies (Temazcal, Ayahuasca or other plant medicine);

  • Accommodation, soft drinks and light bites;


Tour to Mayan Ruins of Tulum

Tour to Gran Cenote

Adventure tour to Xpu-Ha (caves, underground river)

+ Temazcal Ceremony

Choose your package

1. Comfort ($1 799 USD) 


  March 4 - 10, 2019 

Includes all retreat activities, tours, transportation within the retreat and accommodation at a villa with private cenotes. 

       This option is perfect for people who want to focus on the healing process more than anything else, for those who want to stay connected to nature and be the part of a community together with other retreat attendants. 


       You are going to stay at a cozy villa located inside a self-sustainable eco-community with private cenotes and jungle around. The nearest beach is 7 min ride away. You will be able to cook on the opened fire, socialize with other retreat attendants and community members, spend your free time swimming in a refreshing water of the cenotes and exploring the surroundings. 

Total cost: $1 799 USD

Reserve your spot for $499


2. Luxury ($3 229)

Custom dates for groups of 4 and more people

Includes all retreat activities, tours, transportation within the retreat and accommodation at a beachfront hotel in Tulum. 

This option is great for people who want to combine their healing journey with a luxury vacation at a serene and beautiful beach and for those who prefer privacy rather then socializing. 

You'll follow the retreat program, still there will be some time to enjoy the sun, try kitesurfing and check out local cafes and shops. 

Total cost: $3 229 USD per person

Communicate with out team to check the availability for your desired dates.