Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is famous for cenotes - water caves, formed as a result of meteor strike that exposed underground waters. There is a theory saying that dinosaur-killing asteroid stroke the Earth right in this spot - the Yucatan Peninsula, so all the cenotes, including world's biggest water cave system Sac Actun were formed as a result of this catastrophic event. 

Centuries back cenotes were used by ancient Mayas for their ritual offerings. Nowadays these natural wonders attract tourists and divers from all over the world. 

However, there is the opposite side of cenote's growing popularity among tourists: many places lose their authenticity, they become crowded by visitors and vendors, noisy and sometimes dirty, even if the regulations keep visitors from littering. 

Still there are some cenotes that are virgin and not as crowded as major tourist spots. We want to take you to one of these places - a beautiful eco-park located in the jungle between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. 

You'll have a guided tour in the cave that will amaze you with it's beauty. You'll also have a chance to learn a little bit about Mayan culture, participate ritual offering ceremony if you wish and finish your day with Temazcal - a sacred ancestral ceremony. Temazcal, or Mayan sweatlodge, is a powerful cleansing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The stones used to heat the Temazcal were formed deep in the bowels of our planet so they symbolize Earth's inicial essence. The ceremony itself is a way to reconnect to the roots, to your real self. Temazcal ceremony symbolizes rebirth, refreshment, new beginning. 


The cost: $150 USD per person. 


What is included: 

-Entry pass to the eco-park.

-Transportation from federal highway to the eco-park (hotel pick-up is available for groups of 4 and more people).

-Guided tour in the cave, equipment. 

-Temazcal ceremony with a local shaman.

-Mayan offering ceremony. 

-One meal, snacks, fruit and water.

It is recommended to have natural insect repellent, swimsuit, towel, clothes to change, you can bring fruit, grains or flowers to make the offering if you wish. 

The experience is available every Thursday for solo tourists or groups of less than 4. Groups of 4 -12 people can choose their dates. To book your experience please fill in the form below. 

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